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LOKI: Admit it, Barton, we are LOST by FahrSindram

First impression: A very light, nice picture, good quality, very nice cosplay. Next impression: The title. I like it though I can't qui...



Rogue and Rogue by LilFleur
Rogue and Rogue
Sup ^^

I just opened an ask blog. It's for my group of fantrolls who are or rather have been playing SGRUB. There will be a story behind them for you to find out. :)
At the moment there's only Shiane, or short Shia, the one in the picture and a Rogue of Breath. That means you can only ask her questions. But as I plan more of the characters (especially their quirk) there will be more available to ask! ;) (more infos on the blog/in the character info)
Please bear with me when I can't give straight answers to some questions - the plot may not have been planned that far. But I'll try to offer the information that was asked for!

Questions? Ask, I don't bite. Or do I?

So long - have fun and keep rolling 8)
Conquest Of Spaces by LilFleur
Conquest Of Spaces
phew this took me about 5 hours i think? at least it's 5 am now so i'm just guessing :P

anyway gonna head to bed. not much to say. inspired by Conquest of Spaces by Woodkid.

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Skye n Maria by LilFleur
Skye n Maria
Wohooo done with this, finally. Glad I finished in time!

I know it said to not draw them together since they probably won't meet, but this was also half fun-drawing and since I didn't have another picture in mind I could've done I've still done this. It's ok if that's giving me minus points, since I had this in mind when drawing c:

Now off to work... last minute :P

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Skye by LilFleur
Oh my God, it's 2 am here and I'm finally finished with this. I gotta say, it doesn't look too bad, although I will probably not do much more in this style, since it's really exhausting, and for now I want to draw the fun styles more. But it has a nice touch.

Welp, this was been my contribution to this contest. It's Keys, the third OC. I don't even really want to win (I thought I'd be much more competitive) - I'm just exhausted and happy this is finally done.
I hope you enjoy! If you do, let me know :)

Have a great day. I'm going to sleep now~

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((you also got that problem that your pic is the name of the file on your pc and you forget to change it because that totally doesnt happen to me nope


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Mostly using the name Wandvieh, though I want to change it sometime.

Main Tumblr (random stuff):
Art Tumblr (Homestuck, fandoms, etc.):…
Art Tumblr 2 (Personal art stuff):

Facebook (inactive right now):
Not mine, but I'm participating in these two contests. They're both about drawing their OCs. Check them out if you want to try to draw new characters! They're all nice to draw :)


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